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1990's Commissions

Dorrance Stalvey Exordium/Genesis/Dawn (1990)

John Eaton Peer Gynt (1991)

David Froom Chamber Concerto (1991)

C. Bryan Rulon Res Facta (1991)

Charles Wuorinen Twang (1991)

James Yannatos Eight Haiku (1991)

Martin Boykan Echoes of Petrarch (1992)

William Brooks Makers, A Theatrical Piece for Instrumentalists (1992) Elizabeth Brown Liguria (1999)

Ann Callaway Devachan (1992)

Edmund Campion A Treasured Collection of Eddies (1992)

Jacob Druckman Come Round (1992)

Robert Black Foramen Habet! (1993)

Linda Bouchard Sept Couleurs (1993)

John Eaton Let’s Get This Show on the Road! (An Alternative View of Genesis) (1993)

Richard Festinger A Serenade for Six (1993)

Vivian Fine Canticles from the Other Side of the River (1993)

Leonin/C. Bryan Rulon Divine Detours (1993)

Joseph Schwantner Music of Amber [co-commissioned with Collage] (1981) Ray Shattenkirk Myadestes Myadestinus (1993)

Harvey Sollberger The Advancing Moment (1993)

Edmund Campion Losing Touch (1994)

Shi-Chan Mark Cheng Chiaroscuro (1994)

Oliver Lake Flirtation Blue (1994)[Consortium Commission]

James Primosch Sacra Conversazione (1994)

Mary Wright Sunflower (1994) [Consortium Commission]

George Edwards The Isle is Full of Noises (1995)

Wayne Peterson Vicissitudes (1995)

Michael Poast Color Music: Toccata and Fugue (1995)

Ross Bauer Stone Soup (1996)

Anthony Cornicello Le Città Invisibili III: Beersheba (1996)

Mario Davidovsky Flashbacks (1996)

Matthew Greenbaum Into the Clefts of Streets (1996)

Arthur Jarvinen Isoluminaries (1996)

Arthur Krieger Meeting Places (1996)

David Liptak Giovane Vaghi (1996)

Pablo Ortiz Story Time (1996)

Mel Powell Sextet (1996) [Consortium Commission]

C. Bryan Rulon Disorderly Lullabies (1996)

Leo Wadada Smith Moth, Flames and the Giant Sequoia Redwood Trees (1996) [Consortium Commission]

Harvey Sollberger Trickster Tales (1996)

Charles Wuorinen The Great Procession (1996)

Charles Wuorinen Katz Fugue, to the perpetual memory of Katherine (Kitty) Katz (1996)

Milton Babbitt When Shall We Three Meet Again (1997)

Edmund Campion Musica (1997)

John Eaton Don Quixote, A Theatre Piece for Musicians (1997)

Aaron Einbond Together and Apart (1997)

James Newton Violet (1997) [Consortium Commission]

George Perle Critical Moments (1997)

Bruce J. Taub Adrian’s Dream (1997)

Alicyn Warren HAZMAT (1997)

Barbara White the mind’s fear, the heart’s delight (1997)

Stuart Jones Out of Time (1998)

Peter Lieberson Tolling Piece (1998)

Diana McIntosh Time and Again, A Theatre Piece (1998)

Harvey Sollberger To a Spirit Unappeased and Peregrine (1998)

Julia Wolfe Girlfriend (1998) [Consortium Commission]

David Liptak Janus Variations (1999)

Steven Mackey Micro-Concerto for percussion (1999) [Consortium Commission]

Harold Oliver Suchness (1999)

Harold Oliver Digressions (1999)


New York New Music Ensemble

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Board of Directors

Jonathan Dawe, Chair

Sheree Clement
Stephen Dembski
David Felder

in memoriam, Mario Davidovsky

Richard Hennessy

Jayn Rosenfeld

Mary Richie Smith

Howard Stokar

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