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  • Emi Ferguson

2020's commissions and premieres

*+Oren Boneh: Please Find Attached (an electronic work created from acoustic musical and dramatic samples from NYNME's members) (2020)

*+Flannery Cunningham: The Eager Light (for flute, cello, piano, percussion, and MAXMSP) (2020)

*+Tyson Gholston Davis: Cantos I (for flute and marimba) (2020)

*+Ed RosenBerg III: Dream Brain (for flute/alto flute, cello/detuned cello, piano, 2 percussion, and electronics) (2020)

*+Nathan Shields: Still Life (for bass flute, cello, piano, and percussion) (2020)

*+B.K. Zervigón: Soundings in Fathoms (an electroacoustic work in collaboration with photographer Luca Hoffmann created from over live 300 samples of NYNME's members) (2020)

+NYNME Micro-Commission, can be heard on album "Soundings in Fathoms"

* commission and premiere

^ premiere

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