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1970's Commissions

Alan Cox Metamorphoses (1975)

Kristi Allik Trio (1976)

George Edwards Sonda (1976)

Murray Gross Quintet (1976)

David Hicks Currents (1976)

Thomas Kessler Piano Control (1976)

Arthur Berger Composition for Piano 4-Hands (1977)

Stephen Dembski Trio (1977)

Tod Machover Yoku Mireba (1977)

Joan Panetti Crystals (1977)

George Edwards Veined Variety (1978)

Shulamit Ran Apprehensions (1978-79)

Ralph Shapey Three for Six (1979)

Alex Tooker Invitation to the Dance (1979)


New York New Music Ensemble

Patricia Leonard, Managing Director


Board of Directors

Jonathan Dawe, Chair

Sheree Clement
Stephen Dembski
David Felder

in memoriam, Mario Davidovsky

Richard Hennessy

Jayn Rosenfeld

Mary Richie Smith

Howard Stokar

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