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2000's Commissions

Jonathan Dawe All Kinds of Time (2000)

Marina Rosenfeld flutescene (2000)

Melinda Wagner Wick (2000)

Robert Dick A New Prehistory (2001)

David Felder partial {dist}res{s}toration (2001)

Richard Festinger A Dream Foretold (2001)

Elliot Gyger Polishing Firewood (2001)

Stuart Jones Transmogrifications 111 (2001)

Stephen Dembski Only Yesterday (2002)

John Eaton Inasmuch (2002)

David Froom Duettino (2002)

Dorrance Stalvey A Fragment of Time (2002)

Donald Martino Trio for clarinet, cello, and piano (2003)

John Harbison The Seven Ages (2008)

Chou Wen-Chung Ode to Eternal Pine (2009)

David Cope Music For Children (2009)

Jeremy Sagala Tenebrae (2009)

Charles Wuorinen Metagong (2009)

Charles Wuorinen Trio for Flute, Bass Clarinet, and Piano (2009)


New York New Music Ensemble

Patricia Leonard, Managing Director


Board of Directors

Jonathan Dawe, Chair

Sheree Clement
Stephen Dembski
David Felder

in memoriam, Mario Davidovsky

Richard Hennessy

Jayn Rosenfeld

Mary Richie Smith

Howard Stokar

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