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Board of Directors

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Sheree Clement

Mario Davidovsky
Stephen Dembski
David Felder


Richard Hennessy

Jayn Rosenfeld

Mary Richie Smith

Howard Stokar

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January 1, 2000

January 1, 1990

January 1, 1980

January 1, 1970

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2000's Commissions

January 1, 2000

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Featured Posts

2010's commissions and premieres

July 23, 2019

*Ken Ueno - And the Seven Angels Rejoiced (2019) composed for NYNME at the Resnick-Passlof Foundation

*David Rakowski - Dream Logic (2018)

*Ben Hackbarth - Lockstep Variations (2018)

*Alexandre Lunsqui - Telluris Heat (2018)

^Richard Carrick - Sandstone(s) (2017) at the Pacific Rim Festival

^Uzong Choe - Kumiri (2017) at the Pacific Rim Festival

^Yunxiang Gao - Chaos (2017) at the Pacific Rim Festival

^Ed Garcia - Vibreum (2017) at the Pacific Rim Festival

^Karlton Hester - Primordial Particle System (2017) at the Pacific Rim Festival

^Sarang Kim - Tears in your Bottle (2017) at the Pacific Rim Festival

^Jun-Hee Lim - O-U-Ga (2017) at the Pacific Rim Festival

^Pablo Rubio Vargas - Transnaturalizacion (2017) at the Pacific Rim Festival

^Laurie San Martin (2017) at the Pacific Rim Festival

^John Yu - KRE (2017) at the Pacific Rim Festival

^Samuel Yulsman - Fabrication (2017) at the Pacific Rim Festival

*Diego Tedesco, Divertimento III (2016, WP) for clarinet, cello, piano, and percussion
^Sebastian Armoza, Strekka (2013) for solo bass clarinet

*Zhou Long Cloud Earth, World premiere (2012)

*Yiorgos Vassilandonakis, Quatuor pour la fin d’une ére (2012)

*Eric Chasalow, On that Swirl of Ending Dust (2012)

*David Cope - Quartet (2010)

*Charles Wuorinen - Trio for flute, bass clarinet, and piano (2010)

*Jeremy Sagala - Tenebrae (2010)

^Michel Galante, First Etude in Speeds (2010)

*Ezequiel Viñao, Viento Blanco (2010)





* = commission and premiere

^ = premiere






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