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1980's Commissions

Thomas Barker 10/22 (R-681.7) (1981)

Stephen Dembski Alba (1981)

Charles Wuorinen New York Notes (1981/82)

Tobias Picker The Blue Hula (1982)

Susan Blaustein Sextet (1983)

Frank Brickle Stolen Kisses (1983)

Andrew Imbrie Pilgrimage (1983)

John Cage Music for Six (1984)

Stephen Jaffe Rhythm of the Running Plow (1984-5)

Susan Blaustein Out of Pandora’s Box (1986)

Arne Mellnäs Gardens (1986)

Nicholas Thorne Songs from the Mountain (1986)

Milton Babbitt Souper (1987)

Thomas Barker Samenwerking (1987)

Eve Beglarian Making Sense of It (1987)

Paul Cooper Landschaft (1987)

Miriam Gideon Boehmischer Krystal (1987)

John Harbison Im Spiegel (1987)

Donald Harris Der Koch (1987)

Steven Mackey a matter of life and death (1987)

William Thomas McKinley Jean’s Dream (1987)

Roger Reynolds Not Only Night (1987)

James Dashow Ashbery Setting (1972, revised version 1988)

Leslie Bassett Wolken (1988)

Gerald Humel Winter’s Ghost (1988)

Stephen Mosko Schweres Loos (1988)

Jeffrey Mumford Jewels Beyond the Mist (1988)

Tod Machover Toward the Center (1988/89)

Scott Johnson Practical Music for Single Women (1989)

William Thomas McKinley A Different Drummer (1989)


New York New Music Ensemble

Patricia Leonard, Managing Director


Board of Directors

Jonathan Dawe, Chair

Sheree Clement
Stephen Dembski
David Felder

in memoriam, Mario Davidovsky

Richard Hennessy

Jayn Rosenfeld

Mary Richie Smith

Howard Stokar

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